The Horn: Every Second Matters

In the new Red Bull TV original docu-series “The Horn,” the title itself is something of a double entendre: It refers first and foremost to the show’s setting, the famed Matterhorn mountain peak in Switzerland from which the heroic protagonists — members of an elite rescue squad known as Air Zermatt — perform some 17,00 missions annually to aid injured and stranded skiers, climbers and hikers. But it’s also a nod to the station’s horn that blares when a call for help comes in, launching the team into action.

The six-episode show, which drops on October 17, is an up-close-and-personal look at a highly specialized group of selfless individuals who put their own lives on the line each time they set out to save someone else's. A mission here means braving dizzyingly high altitudes, strong and unpredictable winds, hypothermia-inducing temps, climbs into bottomless crevasses and victim extractions from cliffs and icy slopes … all of which place rescuers’ well-being at risk right along with that of a patient.

Watch the pilot episode on the big screen with an introduction by Red Bull athlete and "The Horn" spokesman J.T. Holmes.

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