Red Chargers

A Red Charger is an individual who attempts to ride the biggest waves on the planet. They seek out and chase storms around the globe, often having to sacrifice relationships, financial stability, in the pursuit of the limits of the human experience.

The film “Red Chargers” showcases the incredible swells of the North Canyon of Nazáre, Portugal during the iconic 2015/2016 winter season. The film focuses on the unique lives of big wave surfers, and the incredible big wave phenomenon that has brought them all to Portugal. Featuring some of the most stunning big wave action ever captured, the best big wave surfers on the planet, and coupled with beautiful cultural and character studies, “Red Chargers” is one of the most inspiring surfing stories ever told. Directed by Rocky Romano and Miranda Winters.


Carlos Burle  //   Tom Butler  //  Kohl Christensen
Sergio Cosme // Andrew Cotton //  Toby Cunningham
Joao De Macedo // Brad Domke //   Torsten Durkan
Maya Gabeira  // Aaron Gold //  Conrad Jack Carr
Rodrigo Koxa // David Langer // Kealii Mamala
Alessandro Marciano // Garrett McNamara
Coco Nogales // Nuno Santos // Will Skudin
Raphael Tapia // Aline Van Haren // Hugo Vau

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